Monday, September 14, 2009

Dealing with Atkinson Brass by Email, Email #1

What follows is the first of my emails with Mark Atkinson where I express disappointment about the repairs done to my horn. Two edits have been made: I deleted both email addresses and in line two of my email, I changed my wife's name to "My wife."

From Atkinson (in reply):

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your email. You are of course indeed correct. The water keys
were not put on and
evidently our worker forgot this and I unfortunately missed this. My
We can issue a check for the amount that we owe you. According to our
records you wanted on water key on the mouthpipe and one water key on the
3rd Bb slide. Total $135.00. Please reconfirm your mailing address.
I believe this is the first time that this has happened in 35 years and I
am very
dismayed at the worker for overlooking this.
Please let me know your thoughts and again my apologies for this

Sincerely, Mark

> Date: 6/27/2005 6:42:22 AM
> Subject: RE: knopf double
> Dear Mark,
> This is Chris, I recently had an old Knopf in for valve job and bell cut.
> My wife just brought the horn this evening back to Japan this evening. At
> time I had also wanted to have water keys put on the horn which I paid
> but they didn't get installed. I had asked for 3. One on each main tuning
> slide and one on the 3rd Bb valve slide. I also noticed that not all the
> corks as well as the vavle springs for the main valves weren't replaced.
> Anyways, the cut bell and the new slide sections look nice.
> Sincerely,
> Chris

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